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Happy New Year to all donkey lovers. Please note that Membership Renewals are due on 1 February.
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The Aims of the Active Donkey Award Scheme







Most donkeys, be they young or old, big or small, will benefit both physically and mentally from a change of scene and a break from the usual routine. With this in mind the Donkey Breed Society runs a scheme called the Active Donkey Award, designed to encourage their members to get out and about and enjoy having fun with their donkeys.


To qualify for an Award, a donkey has to complete eight different activities in the course of a year. These activities can be absolutely anything, except for competitive breed showing classes, and past winners have earned their awards by taking part in such diverse pastimes such as:-


 Helping out at various charity events


 Visiting schools and care homes


 Taking part in Palm Sunday processions, nativity plays and various parades


 Going for pleasure walks and drives


 Carrying their owners' shopping and helping to deliver parish magazines


 Appearing at fairs, fêtes, children's parties and coffee mornings.


 Assisting in demonstrations to show correct grooming and showing techniques and general donkey management


 Hauling logs and helping to carry in the vegetable harvest.


There are so many different activities in which owners can become involved with their donkeys and, while everyone is having a good time, it is also helping to raise the profile of the donkey and serving to demonstrate what a versatile and intelligent animal he truly is.


The award itself consists of a certificate and special rosette presented to the owner of each successful participant at the Society AGM. When a donkey has achieved three (not necessarily consecutive) years in the scheme they receive a special engraved plaque and there are now plans to be announced for further awards.:


For further information about the Active Donkey Award please contact


The ADA Adminstrator,  c/o The DBS Secretary, The Hermitage, Pootings, Edenbridge, Kent. TN8 6SD


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