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Active Donkey Award update for coronavirus crisis time

News about the Active Donkey Award Scheme during the Corona Virus Crisis from ADA, the Donkey Breed Society’s Chief Active Donkey

I understand that some of you have been wondering what will be happening about the ADA Scheme during the current worrying situation. At the present moment we have no plans to cancel the Scheme for this ADA year (which, as you know, runs from Aug 1st 2019 to Jul 31st 2020) BUT we are going to reduce the number of activities you need to complete from 8 to 6 as we did back in 2001, the year of the Foot and Mouth crisis.

Many of you have donkeys that will have already completed most if not all their activities and anything you have done since the beginning of August 2019 will count. Of course, people can no longer take their donkeys out to public events but, with so many owners having to stay at home for a prolonged period, they will be able to spend lots more time with their beloved animals. You may not be allowed to take part in any of your normal activities like church services, parades, fun classes at shows and visiting care homes but there are still numerous things you CAN do together that will count towards your ADA qualification.

So, folks, how about getting around to that training you’ve been thinking of doing – long reining, driving, spook busting etc.? Try building a little obstacle course in the field – you could even video your efforts and share with others online. Advice from area reps and committee members will always be available by phone or social media.

Walks and drives out with your donkeys are acceptable as long as you keep the recommended distance away from others and you might even be able to help the more vulnerable in your community by fetching shopping etc. in panniers and carts.

We are not encouraging anyone to do anything contrary to the advice we are being given by the experts but, with the imminent arrival, we hope(!), of better weather, no one will want to be shut up indoors and it will be a good thing for all of us, both physically and mentally, to continue to enjoy some active time with our wonderful long eared pals – providing we follow a few simple safeguards.

So, PLEASE, keep calm and carry on




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