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Donkey Magazine needs your input, news and photos.

The Donkey Magazine!! I’ve left you alone over the festive period but now I want your input. I need your news – yes I know it’s been a different year but there must be some news and views. I need your experiences. I need your opinions. I need your photos.

 We have no cover photo yet so please send in possible photos for that too. Just to say they MUST be over 5mb and bigger if poss – can you send them in a smaller size first please. Can your donkeys be a cover star?

 I’m especially interested in how you started driving, riding, donkey agility and how you over came behaviour issues such as nervous donkeys, handling feet and introducing donkeys to each other, your family, your children or grand children and other animals.

 Let’s cheer ourselves up! Let’s chat donkey but we need to chat it by 31 January please as I need all your info by then.  My email is ewright757@btinternet.com

 And dare I say it, any events planned for this year be they virtual or the more traditional, please let me know.

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