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Entries for The Donkey magazine, closing date 21st January


We welcome contributions for The Donkey 2019 edition.   Please make sure the editor, Liz Wright, has this in good time but by the deadline of Monday 21st January at the latest.

We try to use as many contributions as we possibly can and love seeing photos and hearing about your donkeys. But there are a few guidelines that you really need to follow as this year, despite explaining how to present items for inclusion to us, we have had some presented in a way that has taken a long time to sort out. If we don’t have time to redo copy then it won’t go in as if it takes too long and we will be late going to print.

So please, a few simple guidelines which we must ask you to follow.

1) If you are not computer literate then hard copies of photos and hand written copy can be accepted but please send early so there is time to type it. Also send SAE for return of photos. Please be sure to include captions for the photos with them.

2) ALL copy must be sent as a plain word document and SEPARATE jpegs. Please do not embed photos in text – they have to be extracted and the same is true for collages. We want plain text and plain photos.

3) Please do not send ready designed copy of any form – we have to undo it, retype it and extract photos. That means no Publisher format or PC design please.

4) Please clearly label any photo in your accompanying email with the name of the donkey, your name, photographer if separate to you and a caption.

5) Please don’t send emails over 5mb: it’s fine to send several emails if you need to containing photos or if you ring, we can explain how to do a file transfer such as Dropbox.

6) Please use the subject of the email to show the name of the item and your name so they are easy to find.

I’m always happy to discuss how to send copy and ideas so do call me and don’t wait if you think you have something you’d like to say. We’d like all copy as soon as possible, please don’t wait until the deadline of 21 January 2019.

FRONT COVER 2019 – this year the subject is ‘Donkeys in fields’.  For the past few years we have had a lot of active donkeys, this year we’d like to put a cover showing donkeys enjoying their time in the paddock. It can be any season you like so either dig out some photos or get snapping. Of course rules are made to be broken so if we get an outstanding photo of some other subject we might be persuaded.

I’m very happy to chat to anyone on their contributions  01354 741538  or 07770 683766 – land line is best for me – if I am not at home during the day, I am nearly always back by 6pm but please don’t ring after 9pm.  Weekends are fine too.

Email is really good  ewright757@btinternet.com

 Your Experiences – above all I find people love to read about your experiences be they training your donkey, veterinary experiences or simple tips that you’ve learnt from experience.  For example I saw a disused  wheelie bin converted into a really useful hay rack.

Without you, the magazine would not be vibrant and enthusiastic so please do contribute.

Liz Wright, Editor, The Donkey

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