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Purple poppy purchase possible


     Amber (4) a DBS Northern Junior and her donkey Missy celebrating National Animal Day


The founders of War Horse Memorial have kindly given us purple pin badges, the official emblem for National Animal Day, and poppies for our donkeys, to support our valued Donkey Breed Society.

You can obtain these badges and  beautifully crafted poppies, at just £3.00 each, from Carol Morse or from your Regional Secretary or Treasurer who will provide you with details in due course.

If you wish to access badges from Carol, payment can be made via Paypal (ref. WHMO) or by cheque to Donkey Breed Society.  You may prefer to do a bank transfer, but you MUST give the reference ‘WHMO’ otherwise we will not be able to identify the credit.  Bank details: Lloyds sort code 30 64 97 account 31968768.

Carol’s address is: The Hermitage, Pootings, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6SD  email: dbssecretary@donkeybreedsociety.co.uk  01732 864414

We are indebted to The War Horse Memorial Organisation for their kind support and look forward to a long and happy partnership with them, watch this space . . .






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