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The Donkey Breed Society and the founders of War Horse Memorial are delighted to announce a working partnership to further the cause of donkey welfare through a programme of education and support.

The announcement comes today, on the first National Animal Day, Sunday August 23, 2020, which will honour the service of animals in war and provide a lasting legacy for animals in need. It has been created to highlight the importance of animals and is timely given the “significant” financial implications that animal welfare charities are facing in the Covid-19 crisis due to falling donations, the closure of charity shops and visitor centres to protect staff and volunteers, and the cancellation of fundraising events.

The partnership will support the vital work of The Donkey Breed Society, which was established 53 years ago with the aim of preserving and improving standards, promoting education and preventing cruelty to donkeys .

Carole Travell, Chair of The Donkey Breed Society says: “ The Donkey Breed Society encourages owners to consider the best ways to meet the physical and emotional needs of their donkeys through active participation in a range of user friendly staged management accolades (DBS Proficiency Awards). These have evolved to develop the practical knowledge of both juniors and adults, starting in simple terms with how to approach and handle your donkey through to the complexities of case studies, feeding and health requirements, stallion management and working donkey considerations, in the Gold Award. One of our primary ambitions is to further promote research on shared best practice. We welcome this important alliance which will help us further our cause.”

War Horse Memorial was set up just two years ago to support equine and military charities following the unveiling of Poppy the War Horse, a national monument in Ascot, Berkshire, to honour the millions of horses, mules and donkeys from across the UK, the Allied world and the Commonwealth who gave service and sacrifice. Chief Executive Alan Carr MBE believes the alliance with The Donkey Breed Society is both fitting and appropriate. He says: “ Over centuries donkeys have played their part in war and peacetime. There are more than 40 million donkeys in the world, mostly in underdeveloped countries, where they are used principally as draught or pack animals. Despite coronavirus restrictions, thousands of volunteers and supporters are busy selling purple poppy pin badges – the official emblem for National Animal Day – across the UK and beyond to support our good causes. Both our organisations were born out of a desire to support and recognise the role that these important animals have played in our history and continue to play in our lives. We look forward to supporting the excellent work of this wonderful charity.”

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