Purple Poppies Installation at York Army Museum



A ‘Northern Tour’ of a cascade of crafted purple poppies that will raise awareness of the roles played by animals and birds across the globe in theatres of war, past and present, begins at York Army Museum on Saturday 30th March.


Raising further awareness of the UK’s official acknowledgement of International War Animal Day, that took place in February, and the purple poppy campaigns, particularly from the War Horse Memorial Organisation, the display brings together education, aesthetic appeal and a recognition of the importance of crafting and charity.  The ‘Richmond Poppies’ adorn camouflage netting from Catterick.  Beautifully crocheted in all manner of hues of purple and mauve, the Poppies are a poignant reminder of sacrifices made.


Gifted to the Northern Region of the Donkey Breed Society by a group of makers from Richmond, the poppies had been in residence, as a smaller display, for some years, in a Pet Shop in the town.  However, a wider audience was needed, to appreciate the hours of work that had gone into this endeavour.


Carefully worked up, with additional artefacts to create a museum exhibit, the tour will visit: York (April-May), the Cumbrian Museum of Military Life in Carlisle (June-July) and the Cheshire Military Museum in Chester (October – December (inc)).


Spokesperson for the Donkey Breed Society in the North, Sarah Booth said: ‘We are pleased to show this beautiful work, albeit against a backdrop of the sadness.  We can only imagine the horror experienced by these animals.  They had no choice and yet their contributions assisted in giving us the democracy we enjoy today.  We are very grateful to the York Army Museum for allowing us to begin The Richmond Poppies’ journey in York.’


Purple Poppies Installation at York Army Museum

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