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The Boris Challenge: donkeys and their humans keep active in lockdown

The Boris Challenge: donkeys and their humans keep active in lockdown

When lockdown was announced it soon became apparent that most of the shows and donkey get-togethers for the foreseeable future were going to be cancelled. Continuing The Donkey Breed Society’s firm belief that  “an active donkey is a happy donkey”, the Eastern Region of the Society posted on their regional Facebook page that they were proposing to set up a new challenge that was easy to do in the confines of your own field or yard, with equipment that could be generally found around and about!

Organiser Jane Brind from the Society’s Eastern Region said, ‘the response to this proposal was enthusiastic and ‘The Boris Challenge’ was launched in the last week of March.  A simple task was set at intervals with a demonstration photo, on the Region’s Facebook page’. Participants were asked to post photos of their own donkeys under each challenge heading. In the region of twenty challenges were presented, including  familiarisation with potentially scary objects like flags and umbrellas, a little light jumping, celebrating VE Day, to name but a few, and, of course, demonstrating appreciation of the brilliant work of the NHS.

Members from as far as Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Devon joined in with the challenges and were clearly having fun with their donkeys.  Challenges were agility based in the main but adapted for our long- eared friends. Importantly, members had fun and gained confidence in the handling of their donkeys, building a relationship based on trust and of course learning that donkeys are great thinkers.

A special limited-edition rosette was commissioned as a memento of a very unusual period and all 30 of them were sent out to our “Borissers” at the beginning of August.


The jump
Celebrating our NHS
For VE day
Under the umbrella


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