World Donkey Day 8th May!

Charity working for all donkeys in the UK, sends important message: ‘Happy Donkeys are Active, Healthy Donkeys!’

Rosemary Clarke, Chair of the DBS tells us about World Donkey Day:  ‘Did you know that World Donkey Day is on the 8th May each  year?


Established a decade ago by Dr Raziq Ark, a scientist with a passion for desert creatures, World Donkey Day on 8th May recognises these often-overlooked hardworking animals who have significantly improved peoples’ lives globally.


World Donkey Day celebrates the donkey, a highly respected member of the Equidae family known for its remarkable resilience. Throughout history, donkeys have worked faithfully as mounts and beasts of burden, navigating some of the world’s harshest terrains and climates. Their success is partly attributed to their strong-willed nature, something that World Donkey Day acknowledges alongside their other, undeniably admirable qualities.

Remember to give your donkey an extra cuddle on this special day.’


On World Donkey Day, the message for donkey owners in the UK is clear: ‘Happy Donkeys are Active, Healthy Donkeys, if you thought they were field ornaments, or just for beach rides, think again!’


Donkeys have very different needs to horses and ponies.  Did you know that donkeys require 85% of what a pony of the same size requires nutritionally?  Donkeys metabolise some drugs faster than horses (particularly miniatures) and can require more frequent dosing (always check with your vet)?  Donkeys do not create grease in their coats to keep them waterproof, instead they have a layer of dust that provides insulation.


They need: regular vet checks, regular foot trimming from registered farriers and regular teeth checks (Christmas hat optional!).


Check out the DBS YouTube channel providing lectures on: Worms & Worming Parts 1&2, Feeding Your Donkey, Vaccinations, The Skin, Teeth and Care of Donkey Feet. Find further information and your DBS Region on their website


Owners are encouraged to enjoy lots of fun with their donkeys!













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