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Happy New Year to all donkey lovers. Please note that Membership Renewals are due on 1 February.
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Applying for an Equine Passport, only the 2016 application form will be accepted.

Download from Passport Forms or request a printed version





Chairman: Chelsey Bailey

Driving Committee Members: Alan Larner, Anne McCaig, Paddy Clark, Jill Oliver, Debbie Street, Bill Tetlow, Carole Travell & David Capps.









Education and Youth

Chairman:  Clare Strang

Junior Bray Talk Editor: Jade Weaver

Committee:  Trudy Affleck,  Diana Dunstan, Jean Fooks,  Rosemary Porter, Maggie Taylor, Coral Weaver, Jade Weaver.











Chairman:  Neil Glover

Treasurer:  Barbara Whale

Committee:  Neil Glover,  David Harbinson, Alec Horn, John Rae,

John Porter, Barbara Whale









Championship Show

Chairman: Carole Travell

Show Director: Rosemary Clarke

Show Secretary: Barbara Whale

Show Treasurer: Barbara Whale

Committee: Chelsey Bailey, Elma Cunningham, Jimmy Cunningham.

Also invited: Chairmen of Driving, Education & Youth and Shows & Judges committees








Shows and Judges

Committee Chairman: Elma Cunningham

Shows Administrator: Diana Dunstan

Results/ Show Points Compiler: Gill Shaw

Committee Members: Alec Horn, John Morris, Terri Morris, Chris Porter, Bill Tetlow,

Jade Weaver, Lorraine Rae.













The Stud Book & Passports

Acting Chairman:  Rosemary Clarke

Stud Book Registrar: Pam Moon

Committee:  Rosemary Clarke,  Priscilla Kirby, Pam Moon, Carole Travell, Wendy Sawyer, Kendal Young.




DBS - Acting Treasurer Barbara Whale


Barbara Whale

Chairman Elma Cunningham

DBS Committees


DBS - Acting Chairman Rosemary Clarke

Acting Chairman

Rosemary Clarke

DBS - Education and Youth Chairman Clare Strang

Education and Youth Chairman

Clare Strang

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