Looking to Buy a Donkey? WAIT!  Don’t be beguiled by Attractive Websites ..… before you buy, read our guide!

This is an advertising page where DBS members are very welcome to publicise donkeys and related items for sale or wanted – Please note there is a small fee of £10.00 for the ‘Sale of Donkeys’ per advert for two months but related items can be advertised for free.

No donkey should be sold or purchased without a valid passport

Selling your Donkey

Before attempting to complete your advertisement details, you will require the following information to hand:

  • Your DBS membership number – Only DBS members may place advertisements and your membership number must be given
  • Your donkey’s passport number and DBS Stud Book registration number
  • A fee of £10.00 is chargeable
  • Your advertisement will be approved by the DBS to check that the passport information is correct before it will be displayed
  • The file size of the images need to be at least 1mb

Please email details and good quality images to the

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