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South East

Regional Delegate

Barbara Roger  01342 312746 barbara24@fastmail.fm

Area Reps

Surrey and Greater London south of the Thames

John and Rosemary Porter 01252 714242
Tiggy Lavender 01306 631882 tiggylavender@gmail.com

Sussex and Chairman of the Region’s Committee

Coral Weaver 01293 885080

East Kent

Kim Weir 07759 617696 kimweir@sky.com

Acting area representative for West Kent

Jade Weaver 01732 750411 snowy_7002@ yahoo.co.uk

Communications Officer

Opal Weaver Southeastregion9@yahoo.com

 Longears Editor

Donna Newstead 01737 353394 blue1donna@aol.com

Spring news 2021 – please download from here: SE news spring 2021

South East Region Report May 2021

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