Regional Delegate

Trudy Affleck – 07973 224537

Area Reps


  Judith Williams,  07833 598641


  Clare Humphries, 07929 122631


  Maureen Thorne,  07801 073727


  Dizzie Maltin,  01984 248596


  Jackie Rose, 07976 898966

Isle of Wight:

  Hannah Brewer, 07341 821470

Channel Islands:

  Lucy Belfield, 01481 832011


Trudy Affleck

Welcome to the spring 2023 edition of the DBS Southern Region Newsletter: DBS South Spring March 2023
If there is anything in particular that you would like offered either as an event or training then please let me know; we’re always on the look out for new ideas.
Best wishes to you all
Trudy Affleck
Secretary and Regional Delegate, DBS Southern Region
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For 2022 events please see this list: 2022 Events South

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Southern Region Report September 2022



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