Learning about donkeys

Donkeys are not small horses, and although they are recognised as a domesticated member of the Equus family.  They have complex needs of their own, which one needs to understand if they are to be maintained in prime health.

For those who don’t fancy the public approach there have been many books written dedicated to the care of the donkey, and from which knowledge can be absorbed in the privacy of one’s home.   Such books are readily available in the Donkey Store.

There is much to be gained from meeting with other like-minded people and putting ideas and suggestions into practice, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where  an exchange of ideas is encouraged.

The Donkey Breed Society encourages owners to consider the best ways to meet the needs of their donkeys through active participation in a range of user friendly staged management accolades (DBS Proficiency Awards).  These have evolved to meet the needs of both juniors and adults, starting in simple terms with how to approach and handle your donkey through to the complexities of case studies, stallion management,  breeding, feeding and health requirements in the gold award.

Activity days are planned and held regionally and your abilities assessed by an identified DBS examiner, with certificates and lapel badges awarded appropriate to the standard reached.

You might like to watch these free webinars from the Donkey Sanctuary:

Have you checked out our YouTube Channel for the health videos?

Our  Donkey Breed Society YouTube Channel provides lectures on: Worms & Worming Parts 1&2, Feeding Your Donkey, Vaccinations, the Skin, Teeth, Care of Donkey Feet.

These are some of the excellent resources available from recordings of training ‘webinars’ . Click on the links for these to play:

Feeding your donkey –

Worming part 1 –

Worming part 2 –

Vaccinations –

The skin – 

Nutrition presentation: An online presentation from the Donkey Breed Society (UK Charity) in conjunction with TopSpec. Delivered by Anna Welch, Nutritionist Director at TopSpec. The content is aimed at UK donkey owners but a great deal of the content is useful for owners from other parts of the world:

Guidance on caring for your donkey:


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