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Regional Delegate and Chair

Elizabeth Brown 07733121532 brownroadfarm@gmail.com

Area Rep – Derbyshire

Penny Marsden 01246 590316

Area Rep – Lancashire

Pam Moon 01772  316038 or 0771 281 5061 pam.moon@talktalk.net

Area Rep – Cheshire/Greater Manchester

Olwen Brown 01457 762336

Area Rep – North & East Yorkshire/Cleveland

Pat Mather 01937 83313 pat_mather@msn.com

22 Edgerton Drive, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9QW

Area Rep – West Yorkshire

John & Terri Morris 01274 835520 wychbrook@hotmail.com

Area Rep – South Yorkshire

Josie Mackenzie 01427 728553

Area Rep – Northumberland

Geraldine Burton 01434 681335 gadburton@yahoo.co.uk

For lots of pictures on the Wonkey Donkey day, please see the Gallery Link here 

Milly, Boo and Tilly at Romiley Show, 2nd September 2018  


Northern Region walk round Tatton Park in Cheshire, five donkeys, a pony, a dog and their humans all enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the spectacular stags anticipating their female company:


Northern Region news Sept 2018


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