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Regional Delegate

Kendall Young

Regional Chairman

Elma Cunningham

Area Reps

Argyll & Bute, Clyde, Greater Glasgow & Forth Valley:
Elma Cunningham   yieldshields@aol.com
Jacqui Methven    minijax@icloud.com

Tayside, Stirling & Fife:
Lizanne Kempsall  scottishdonkeys@gmail.com

Lothian, Borders & East Dumfriesshire to Dumfries:
Alison Robertson 07860342404 krobertson@btconnect.com

Ayrshire, West Dumfriesshire & Galloway:
Kendall Young  kendallyoung99@ymail.com
Ian Thompson  kmec@hotmail.co.uk

Highland & Grampian:
Diana Milligan 01339 884238 didomilligan@gmail.com

For details of the Perth Show incorporating the Scottish Donkey Show on 2nd and 3rd August 2019, please see here Scottish Donkey Show Invite

Chariots of Fire, Lockerbie will be on:

  • June 2
  • July 7
  • Aug 18
  • Sept 8

It will be the usual format of an arena challenge course of cones and two obstacles.

 We are also holding a fund raising Open Day in association with SDU on May 5th.

Please contact for more details: 01576 610248 or 01576 610278 and the email is enquiries@chariotscic.org.uk



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