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Regional Delegate

Kendall Young

Regional Chairman


Area Reps

Argyll & Bute, Clyde, Greater Glasgow & Forth Valley:
Jacqui Methven    minijax@icloud.com

Tayside, Stirling & Fife:
Lizanne Kempsall  scottishdonkeys@gmail.com

Lothian, Borders & East Dumfriesshire to Dumfries:
Alison Robertson 07860342404 krobertson@btconnect.com

Ayrshire, West Dumfriesshire & Galloway:
Kendall Young  kendallyoung99@ymail.com
Ian Thompson  kmec@hotmail.co.uk

Highland & Grampian:
Diana Milligan 01339 884238 didomilligan@gmail.com

Scotland newsletter Christmas 2020

Scotland Region Report May 2021




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