The Society started as the Donkey Show Society in 1967.  Its founder, the Honourable Robin Borwick, together with the late Reginald Sherriff Summerhays, the Society’s first President and popular author, and other enthusiastic donkey owners, set out to encourage the good breeding and improvement of the status of the Donkey.    The aims they set and which still stand today were to encourage the use of the donkey, its well-being and protection, as well as its general welfare.

In 1968 the name was changed to the Donkey Breed Society as this was thought to be closer to the aims of the members.  Although the title may suggest its primary interest is to ‘breeders’, or for ‘breeding’, this is not the case and the Society is open to all donkey lovers, whether or not they breed or even own donkeys.

With a mind to improving the conformation and well-being of donkeys, the Stud Book was set up in 1969 and continues now, recording the parentage of well over 3000 animals, together with foreign donkeys and a General Register for those donkeys and their offspring not eligible for inclusion in the Stud Book itself.  The DBS is now a Passport Issuing Organisation recognised by Defra,thereby enabling us to issue this vital legal document to donkeys and other equines.

In 1985 the Donkey Breed Society was registered as a Charity and a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.

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