What to Wear

Immaculate donkeys are the stars of the shows and the Donkey Breed Society but sometimes are let down with an ‘anything will do’ appearance from their handlers. Please take pride in your appearance and do justice to both the donkey and the Society, here is some helpful tips about the correct attire to wear when showing your donkey. (Much of this list can be sourced from major supermarket outlets, car boot sales and charity shops so it need not cost a fortune to look extremely smart).

Ladies Trousers & Skirts

Either smart trousers or a tailored skirt of an appropriate length for running.

Ladies Jackets

A well cut tweed or plain jacket with a pastel shirt and tie.

Ladies Hats & gloves

Could be considered optional unless in a condition and turned out class, but they do give a very smart impression.

Long Hair

Hair will need to be braided, tied back and controlled by a hair net, in which case a hat is essential as it covers the join between net and face.

Gentlemen Shirt & Ties

Can’t fail to look smart in a shirt and tie (The DBS tie is available from the DBS shop and is excellent).

Gentlemen Suit & Jackets

A Country suit or tweed jacket and trousers.

Gentlemen Hats & Gloves

A bowler, soft cap or trilby hat will complete the look. Gloves are a ‘must’ but these must never be black – soft brown leather gloves are perfect.


The colour of your trousers is decided by your donkeys leg colour, they need to be contrasting i.e. If your donkey has dark legs, wear beige trousers – light coloured donkey legs, wear dark trousers.  This is so that your legs do not merge with your donkeys!


This needs to be dark coloured, comfortable and polished to within an inch of its life! (Either ‘jodhpur’ type boots with trousers or if preferred dark stout shoes if a skirt is worn)

Showing Canes

A leather covered or rattan cane will be required. (Tweed jacket – knobbly rattan cane and buttonhole) (Plain jacket – leather covered cane and discreet traditional cornflower buttonhole)

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