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Regional Delegate

Annette Staveley 01284 830240 astaveley1@hotmail.com

Gate and West Farm, Golden Lane, Lawshall, B.S.E. Suffolk  IP29 4PT

Area Reps (all committee members)
Bedfordshire: Diana Dunstan, 01462 713796 dianadunstan@yahoo.co.uk

Cambridgeshire: Liz Wright, 01354 741538 ewright757@btinternet.com


West – Carole Travell, 07889 162715 caroletravell@btinternet.com

East – Alan Larner, 01206 241697

Hertfordshire/Bucks: Maggie Taylor, 01582 768746 Maggie.taylor3@hotmail.co.uk

Northants: Sarah Hemmings, 01327 341507 hemmule@aol.com

Lincs / Notts: Vacant

Suffolk / Norfolk: Annette Staveley  01284 830240 astaveley1@hotmail.com

Additional committee members / contacts:
Jane Brind, janebrind@gmail.com
Jo Cordell, 01480 869486 Jo.cordell@btinternet.com
David Poole,  david.ds.poole@talk21.com

EAREAR newsletter spring 2020  is here! EarEar202002 longest – full of events, things to do and shared information.

If any member would like to write an article or just tell us about your donkeys for the Ear to Ear newsletter, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact Carole Travell or your local Area Rep.


Pictured, DBS members enjoying themselves at the Eastern Region Donkey Camp held at Abbey Farm Norfolk on the weekend of 19th & 20th September 2015.


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