Thinking of joining the Donkey Breed Society?

A few good reasons:

  • You will be part of a friendly and like-minded community who will share your enthusiasm for donkeys, whether you have your own donkey or just relish the joy they bring
  • As a member you will receive:
    • Reduced rates for new passports   
    • Our annual colour magazine – ‘The Donkey’
    • Our national newsletter issued three times a year – ‘Bray Talk’
    • Local newsletters at least twice a year
  • Members may apply for information leaflets free of charge, eg driving your donkey, showing your donkey, riding your donkey, etc
  • Members are entitled to receive DBS special rosettes at shows, for taking part in events, etc
  • Members may take part in DBS Proficiency Awards which reward by gaining  invaluable knowledge and experience, and are honoured with rosettes and badges
  • Members of all ages can take part in organised activities from coffee mornings and picnics to donkey walks and drives
  • We offer encouragement and assistance.
  • Our membership year runs from 1 February to 31 January (anyone joining after 1 November will have an extra 3 months membership free) i.e. join between 1 November 2020 and 31 January 2021 and membership runs through until 31 January 2022).

    US based donkeys Francis Earl (FrankE) and Clare Eunice (ClarE) were very excited to receive the Donkey Breed Society Membership packet

    Please note these exceptions: 

  • Membership benefits and the fees below apply to UK /European addresses only, with the exception of ‘international membership’.
  • ‘Four year memberships’ are only available to UK taxpayers with a signed Gift Aid declaration.  This allows the DBS to make up the reduction in fee by claiming back the income tax paid on the subscription.  Please download this form  gift aid form 2020 and complete if you are buying 4 year membership, sending it to the address given on the form or add a digital signature, save it and email it to 

Buy or Renew Your Membership Online

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