All sorts of donkey classes are staged at every conceivable size of show, from those with Royal Patronage to the event held in a local field. The majority of these are held under the auspices of the Donkey Breed Society who maintain a register of accredited judges and offer special rosettes for the benefit of DBS members where we welcome new exhibitors and all donkeys.

Donkeys enjoy going to shows just as much as we do, and you will find there are a wide range of classes to choose from. You don’t need to own a prospective supreme championship  winner, there are classes for pet donkeys, best conditioned and turned out donkeys, fancy dress, activity classes, young handler classes and driving classes.  Here are some lovely photos taken in the Northern region: see here.

Contact us for an informative leaflet, ‘Showing Your Donkey’ or just come and have a look at the donkey classes at a show near you.

Agricultural Shows and Dedicated Donkey Show are an important show case for the breed, with everyone hoping to achieve their ultimate dream and go home with the much coveted red. To have won well in the past, is no guaranteed passport to winning in the future, and none of us should lose sight of the fact that whatever the result it is the opinion of one judge on one day, and tomorrow even he or she may come up with a different decision – Loud comments from outside the ring as to the quality of the judge’s eyesight do little to endear us to bystanders.

Those in charge of showing colts and stallions should ensure that the donkeys they are handling are well trained, wearing a well-fitting bridle and bit, and are being shown in the correct manner, paying due regard to the safety of those around them at all times.

The Donkey Breed Society will not tolerate any form of abuse towards any other competitor, nor any action that may be deemed as obstructive to another, as it is our sincere wish that all competitors should enjoy the experience.  The ‘Rules for Showing’ can be found on this site.

Similarly, The Donkey Breed Society will not tolerate abuse of a Judge, Steward, nor of any Official acting in any capacity for a show hosting donkey classes. Abuse of the donkey is not permitted, and steps will be taken to penalise any member found to be doing so.

All of that aside, go out and have fun at your local show, it most definitely isn’t the winning but the taking part that is important – and the jollifications and shared picnics in the lorry park afterwards are a great way to meet your fellow members and donkey lovers.

List of Affiliated Shows 2024

Affiliated Shows 2024

New Show! Underriver, near Sevenoaks Sat 3rd August 2024.

Underriver Schedule 2024

Underriver Entry Form 2024

Donkey Breed Society Affiliated Show Results 2023:

Affiliated Show Results 2023


Here are the Showing Points for 2023:

Affiliated Show Points 2023

Any DBS member with a donkey passport issued since January 2022 who needs to check their stud book registration numbers to complete their entry forms for the DBS Championship Show can email  the Chairman Rosemary Clarke the information giving me the donkey’s name and the long passport UELN number. Prior to that date the stud book registration number will be on the front page of the passport and on the transfer certificate.

The Donkey Breed Society is a member of The Showing Council. The Showing Council represents an amalgamation of nineteen key showing bodies which came into being under the direction and guidance of Graham Suggett and Jan Rogers from the British Equine Federation (B.E.F.).

The inaugural meeting of The Showing Council was held on June 26th 2006, with members of eleven of the leading showing societies being present.

Its aim was to:

Discuss, agree and advance (through the B.E.F. and other bodies) policies advantageous and beneficial to its members’ interests, primarily in respect of showing, and achieve official recognition of this sport (similar to that afforded to other disciplines), and to bring about voluntary co-operation between its members.

To go direct to The Showing Council website follow the link here: Home | The Showing Council

Showing and Judging Report 2023

Guide to Showing Points

Guide to Junior Points

Affiliation Form

Showing RulesShowing ClassesShowing Points Card

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