DBS Council

DBS COUNCIL 2020/2021

President: John Porter

Chairman: Carole Travell

Vice Chairman: Annette Staveley

National Council Members:

Kiera Bentley
Rob Sims

Opal Weaver

Regional Delegates:

Scotland: Kendall Young

North: Elizabeth Brown

West: Lucy Evans

East: Tom Bysouth

South East: Barbara Roger

South: Trudy Affleck

South West: Elizabeth Barrett

Wales: Ann Slater

Northern Ireland: Stephen Cherry


Driving :

Acting Chairman: Chelsey Bailey

(committee suspended)

Education & Youth:

Chairman: Trudy Affleck

Anne Brown, Diana Dunstan, Annette Staveley, Clare Strang, Coral Weaver, Jade Weaver


Chairman: Neil Glover

Rob Sims, Barbara Whale, Society Vice Chairman

Shows & Judges:

Acting Chairman: Pam Moon

Jane Bramwell, Nicki Donaldson, Diana Dunstan, Lorraine Rae, Clare Strang, Jade Weaver

Stud Book:

Acting Chairman: Society Chairman

Elizabeth Brown, Pam Moon (Stud Book Registrar), Wendy Sawyer, Kendall Young

Championship Show:

Chairman: Carole Travell

Chelsey Bailey, Barbara Roger, Rob Sims, Barbara Whale (Show Secretary);

Invited: Chairmen of Education & Youth and Shows & Judges


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