Education Funding

Donkey Breed Society Educational Bursary Fund

The DBS Educational Bursary Fund is intended to provide small bursaries to students, of any age, to assist with the acquisition of books and publications or tools and equipment that would enable the student to improve the welfare of donkeys, primarily in the United Kingdom but also throughout the World.  Additionally requests for financial support towards the costs of publication of theses on the donkey would also be considered.

Applications to the fund may be made at any time but the panel who make a decision on who will receive a bursary meets twice a year immediately after the Finance Committee Meetings, which are currently in April and October each year.

The panel is not restricted to allow only one bursary a year but has the freedom to make decisions based on need and available funds; this might mean that in some years three or four bursaries are made and then none in the next year.

In return for receiving their bursary the student will be required to write an article for either the Magazine or Bray Talk about what they are studying and how it would assist the welfare of the donkey.

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