Walking with donkeys as therapy

Pennyhooks Care Farm led by Linda

Remembrance Day

Jane Lewis with George, Julie Broadhurst with Daisy. Goring on Thames St.Thomas’s Church.George in red poppies and Daisy in purple, sewn onto rugs by Jane, Julie and Claire Strang. Poppies were kindly made by Victoria Swan and Toni Smith.

Sarah's gorgeous donkeys sing to their owner!

Photo: Sarah Standing, Derbyshire.

Donkeys out on a walk in Cumbria

Allison Roberts' Hamish and Dougal walking on the hills

Latest News

Our Society aims to provide and encourage many activities including training days (you do not have to own a donkey to take part), Active Donkey Awards, social events, driving, showing,trekking, ploughing and picnics, and in the support of a variety of community/religious events – a busy donkey is a happy donkey!

Rosemary Clarke

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