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Claire Harper O1386 833524  cj_harper@hotmail.com

Regional Delegate

Lucy Evans 07786062719 lucy.evans@swissfish.co.uk


Eileen Parker 07500754265 eileenparker26@gmail.com

Area Rep – Gloucestershire/North Somerset

Judy Lane 01285 821445 jml.267@btinternet.com

Area Rep – Herefordshire

Lucy Evans 07786062719 lucy.evans@swissfish.co.uk

Assistant Area Rep – Herefordshire

Sue Jones  01981 510269   siouxdoyle@hotmail.co.uk

Area Rep – Oxfordshire

John McLaren 01491 833938  mail@donkeyrescue.org.ok

Area Rep – Warwickshire/Worcestershire/West Midlands

Claire Harper 01386 833524 cj_harper@hotmail.com

Assistant Area Rep – Warwickshire

Anna Turner  01789 730039 gardenia.soft.furnishings@btinternet.com

Area Rep – Shropshire


Area Rep – Staffordshire


Summer 2021 newsletter: Western Regional Newsletter July 2021

Spring 2021 newsletter: West Regional NewsletterApril 2021
Autumn 2020 newsletter: Regional Newsletter December 2020

Spring 2020 Newsletter: Regional Newsletter March 2020

Awards ceremony – Western region 2018

Behind every donkey owner there is nearly always someone whose help is invaluable and these people are often unsung heroes.  The West Region now has a new trophy – The Gofur Trophy, to be awarded each year to an indispensable assistant.  The first recipient is Peter Scales in acknowledgement for all the years he has assisted his wife, Angela with her donkeys.
Every year in the West Region a large cup is presented to a donkey who for some reason has proved to be ‘special’.  This year Anna Turner received The Special Donkey Cup on behalf of her donkey Henry Redfers.  Henry has for many years, participated in fund raising events and parades and frequently attended the Malvern Autumn Show where he has been an excellent donkey for people to meet.

By now members will have heard from Claire Harper that they can now receive her Newsletter via their Area Representative by e-mail, rather than by the more expensive postal route, if that is your choice. If by any chance you have not made and notified the choice please set it up now.

We hope that by involving Area Representatives in the distribution we shall bring members more in touch with their own representative. It is important that e-mailed Newsletters are downloaded, printed out and filed in your DBS records for future reference. It is all too easy for e-mails to become lost, if left to linger in an In Box.

Western Region Report May 2021


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