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DBS Golden Jubilee Year - come and celebrate at the Championship Show 19/20 August at Moreton Morrell and AGM in Tewkesbury on 25 November.
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Applying for an Equine Passport, only the 2016 application form will be accepted.

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DBS Council


Donkey Breed  Society Council 2015



President                                                        Priscilla Kirby


Chairman                                                        Rosemary Clarke

Vice Chairman                                                Carole Travell


Secretary                                                        Carol Morse


Treasurer                                                        Barbara Whale


Council Members : National                         Alec Horn

                                                                        John Rae

                                                                        Carole Travell


Council Members: Regional Delegates       Coral Weaver (South East)

                                                                        Clare Strang (South)

                                                                         Briony Wild (South West)

                                                                        Suzanne Farr (West)

                                                                        Annette Staveley (East)

                                                                        Lorraine Rae (North)

                                                                        Elma Cunningham (Scotland)

                                                                        Wendy Morris (Wales)

                                                                        Stephen Cherry (Northern Ireland)



Committee Chairmen:                                   Chelsey Bailey (Driving)

                                                                        Clare Strang (Education & Youth)

                                                                        Neil Glover (Finance)

                                                                        Elma Cunningham (Shows & Judges)

                                                                        Rosemary Clarke (Stud Book) (acting)

                                                                        Carole Travell  (Championship Show)




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