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Happy New Year to all donkey lovers. Please note that Membership Renewals are due on 1 February.
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Applying for an Equine Passport, only the 2016 application form will be accepted.

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Junior Donkey Breed Society Awards


Do you love donkeys?  Are you under 16 years of age?  Would you like to meet and join in with other young people who love donkeys?  - Then you can join here - but please ask an adult to do this for you. Click here to join


By joining the Donkey Breed Society you are eligible to win special junior rosettes at our affiliated shows.  You could win a prize in the annual Project Competition and attend the Junior Members’ annual camp. This membership also brings you our fab colour magazine called ‘The Donkey’ as well as a copy of our seasonal news magazine - ‘Bray Talk’.


What We Do:-

We have fun, fun & more fun with our donkeys!!  We go donkey trekking, we have fabulous camps to attend, we go to shows and some of us have learned to ride and drive our donkeys.  There are some great tests to prove to ourselves how much we have learned.



The Donkey Breed Society Awards


Proficiency Certificates and Badge Awards:-

We have a series of awards designed to assess practical knowledge of donkey care and management, ranging from an Introductory Test which can be taken in stages from six years of age up to seventeen years. Certificates and themed badges are awarded at the conclusion of each stage.


Special Trophy Awards:-

There are Calpurnia Trophies which are awarded in the regions and a National award called the Barnabas Trophy is awarded to one junior, nominated by adults, for exceptional contribution in one year.


Pleasure Riding Award Scheme:-

This is a scheme where you can enrol and log your riding hours for rosette rewards.  Enrol here

There is a similar scheme for driving miles which can be accessed from the Driving Page. Link to Driving Page and Driving Miles enrolment


The Donkey Breed Society encourages Junior members to consider the best ways to meet the needs of their donkeys through active participation in a range of user friendly staged management accolades (DBS Proficiency Awards).  These have evolved to meet the needs of Junior members, starting in simple terms with how to approach and handle your donkey  through to the complexities of case studies, stallion management, breeding, feeding and health requirements in the gold award.


Donkey Camp for Junior Members:-


There will be no camp at the Donkey Sanctuary in 2016, but watch out for details of other events taking place round the country.



There are sixty affiliated shows spread around the regions each year, most of which have junior classes as part of their schedules and can feature all or some of the following:


There are special junior classes at the Donkey Breed Society Supreme Championship Show where the Champion Young Handler and Young Rider are selected. Link to Supreme Championship Show Page


Condition and Turnout:  Where both you and your donkey will be assessed on the smartness of the turnout, including body condition, coat and hooves; and your own attire.


Young Handlers:  This is a class to demonstrate how you are able to handle your donkey at the walk and trot, as requested by the judge.


Riding Class: This is a great class for our younger juniors to show that they can ride safely on the leading rein.   And for our older juniors can demonstrate that they are capable of riding a donkey without assistance.


In both instances you will need to exhibit how you can position you donkey at the halt, and then walk, trot and turn as requested by the judge.


Pet Donkey Class: We all know that every donkey is a pet really, but some make better pets than others, and you will need to show that your donkey will do anything you would like it to, whether it be to take you to post a letter or accompany you on a walk; and the judge will be interested to hear all about the things that your donkey does in your company.


Fun Classes: Obstacles classes, fancy hat classes, fancy dress classes, gymkhana games, you think of it, we can try it!


Junior Whip Classes: Older juniors can learn to drive in company with an adult and take their place in appropriate driving classes.


Essential Safety Wear:-

It is mandatory for all hard hats worn in riding and driving classes to meet the current BSI standards and it is recommended that a hat meeting the same standard is worn by junior competitors in all other classes.




The current BHS recognised standards are:-


PAS 015; ASTM F1163; BSEN 1384; EN1384 and SNELL E2001





DBS - Young Rider Champion 2014 - Imogen Jones-Percival
DBS - Donkey wearing a lovely bunch of flowers!
DBS - Reserve Champion Young Rider - Thomas Sykes
DBS - Young Handler Champion 2014 - Isabella Phillips

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