A couple of little corrections to Bray Talk

Barbara Rogers does an amazing job with Bray Talk – it takes such a lot of work and time. Occasionally little mistakes slipped through, and therefore sShe asked me to post these small corrections to the text in the magazine:

Bray Talk 166. Winter 2022
Page 14. The last paragraph of Sarah Booth’s article on Your Horse Live should read:

And so the weekend came to an end.  It had been one of hard graft, challenge and excitement!  It had been busy, bustling and brilliant but above all, it had allowed us to showcase our wonderful long ears to thousands of visitors, to tell people what we do and why and to celebrate our donkeys’ differences!

With apologies to Sarah Booth.

Any other words in the paragraph should not be there.
Also page 13.  page xxx should read page 54

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