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General Member Privacy Notice

The Donkey Breed Society (DBS) will use the personal information you provide in order to facilitate your membership of the Society. We believe that you have joined in order to help the Society fulfil its charitable aims – which include promoting knowledge about donkeys, donkey care and what donkeys can do. We therefore believe our use of your data is in the Legitimate Interest of the Society.
We will share your name and contact details amongst members, to keep you informed of events and articles that you may be interested in. We may publish your name, photograph and the broad geographical region in which you live, in relation to events you attend / awards you have taken part in, as part of our remit to promote knowledge relating to the aims of the DBS. This may be done in any of our publications, including those that are publicly available, including traditional (paper) methods and online (website and social media).
We will share your data where we are obliged to by law. We will never sell your information. We will keep your information secure, we will never keep your information for longer than we need to, and we aim to always keep it up to date and correct. We will not share your details with any third party, other than those who assist in our operation of the Society (e.g. printers of our magazines) and not in any way that is outside of the aims of the DBS.
You have rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. A full list of these can be obtained from the Information Commissioner, however in summary, you can ask to see your personal data, have it corrected if it is wrong, and – in many circumstances – ask to be ‘forgotten’. If you wish to know more detail about the information we hold, what it is used for, who we share it with, and how long we retain it for, please contact the DBS Secretary for more details. 01732 864414

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