Last call to be part of The Donkey Magazine 2023 

Be part of The Donkey Magazine 2023 

Please send news of your donkey activities, events you ran or attended, veterinary stories, behaviour experiences or advice, donkey objects, donkey driving , welfare and stories about donkeys.

The Donkey 2023 is being put together for publication shortly, so if you have something you could contribute, even if it isn’t quite ready to send immediately, please call Liz to let her know it’s on its way.  Everything welcome. Please call Liz to discuss.

Liz Wright, The Donkey Editor 07951 753991 (please note new number) or 01354 741538 or email  

Please, if you can, put a read receipt on emails or I will acknowledge. If I don’t do that within 48 hours I might not have got it so do check.

I do need photos as jpegs please I do need clear captions within your text so something like photo 1 Dolly Caption Dolly having her harness fitted after being long reined

If there is a credit for the photo eg credit jane smith please put that on.

I’m particularly looking for your stories on how you feel about your donkeys, if you drive them, how did you do that? and if you bought a donkey who was scared or un touched, how did you get them to be handled and led. We are so often asked about this, I think it helps new members to feel they are not the only ones.

But I’m open to anything. Phone me if you are not sure but above all do get those photos coming…

Liz Wright and Larry Potter and Daisy donk

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