Christmas message from John Porter, DBS President

Dear Members,

After a very difficult year, I am sure everybody is looking forward to a more positive Christmas than last year.   I send my condolences to all members and their families who have lost loved ones for whatever reason during this period.  The outlook is positive due to the tremendous progress made by our scientific National Health Service, Government and superb volunteer teams.

It has been very pleasing to see reports of some activities with donkeys going on over the year.   All have to be carefully and safely considered and held within regulations.  It does seem to be getting easier due to the easing of restrictions, but health must always come first.

Hopefully many members will enjoy events over Christmas and the New Year despite our attendance at the New Years Day Parade in London being cancelled again.

We at Follyoak donkeys are looking forward to taking our donkeys out to “The Walk to Jerusalem” with 3 of our local Churches joining together.  We are also attending “Bramley walking Nativity”.   Both are outside events which are hopefully safe and well organised.

Last month we visited “Your Horse Live” at Stoneleigh where the Donkey Breed Society, under the leadership of Carole Travell, our Chairperson, put on an excellent display showing all aspects of the Society and was tremendously popular.

Rosemary and I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and active New Year.

John Porter


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