On Saturday 24th February at 11.00 am donkeys and their humans belonging to the Donkey Breed Society, paused to honour all animals involved in theatres of war around the globe, past and present.

At Jimmy the Donkey’s memorial in the Park in Peterborough, donkeys, members of the Eastern Region of the Donkey Breed Society and friends, came together for this important act of commemoration. Other organised events included a blessing from a Bishop in Bewcastle, Cumbria, a visit to Leyland Cenotaph, where Pam took a picture of her great grandad and his horse Tom, a gathering of DBS members for lunch in the Southern Region, a further gathering in Northern Ireland and a walk with donkeys in Castlewellan Park and children ‘planting’ memorial crosses in remembrance, to name but a few. In addition, various crafting activities took place, these included a very moving painting by Joss Goodchild, and there were gentle moments of reflection in yards and fields across the country.

Thank you to everyone that took part. What a very special day.

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