Remembrance Day pictures

Your lovely pictures are beginning to come in of donkeys taking part in Remembrance Day parades.  These are just some of the ones that we have received so far from the Northern Region.

Please do send your pictures from across the country to Sarah Booth for our Remembrance Day displays and archives, and inclusion in War Horse Memorial features.
Many thanks,


Olivia and Colin the donkey
Colin the donkey at Broadbottom near Hyde
Chair of the Northern Region of the DBS, Allison Roberts in Bewcastle
Bewcastle in Cumbria
Olivia and her purple wreath
Hamish and Dougal


Jane Lewis with George, Julie Broadhurst with Daisy. Goring on Thames St.Thomas’s Church: George in red poppies and Daisy in purple, sewn onto rugs by Jane, Julie and Claire Strang.  Poppies were kindly made by Victoria Swan and Toni Smith.


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