The Donkey – please send in your contributions!

From Liz Wright:

Hi! It’s that time when I want your contributions for the donkey – Deadline: 14 February or before.

Just to remind you I need them as Word documents and jpegs close to or preferably over 1mb.  Any scans need to be good quality ones. I can edit stuff, don’t worry about being a brilliant writer, you are almost certainly better than you think you are.

Ideas: new owners really want to know how you trained your donkeys to lead, long rein and drive, and any management tips or experiences you can give them. We love vets’ views and experiences. And we need to know what you have been doing with them with pictures!! Please email to

Here is an old copy of The Donkey in case you need some ideas: 1-60 THE DONKEY REVISED 4

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