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In memoriam: Cora Pinnegar

It has recently come to our notice that Cora Pinnegar died in June this year.   Some of our longer-standing members may remember Cora as she was a member in the 80s and 90s and owned a driving stallion called Teddy Bear of Cleeve.   Peter and Angela Scales knew Cora and have paid the following […]

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Vet talk on donkey feet – and DBS Youtube channel

The recent veterinary talk on feet is now uploaded to the Donkey Breed Society Youtube channel and added to the library of videos. This talk covers why donkey feet are VERY different to horse and pony feet, how to keep them healthy and why it can be life-threatening to your donkey if you don’t Further […]

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A poetic tribute to Mouse the donkey

The Donkey Sanctuary adopted a donkey named Mouse. He was so adorable that they put his photo on pillows, duvets and even backpacks! When people bought these items the money went back into one of the  ‘donkey piggy banks’ that the shop sold  so that other donkeys could be rescued. Mouse did not know how special he was. This is a story of how […]

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Shows – updated details 31 3 21

Here is an up to date list of shows still hoping to run, some postponing and some cancelled. Obviously it can still change.  Updates will be shown on this page and the ‘Showing’ page. 2021 shows updated 31 3 21  

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Recorded donkey health videos

There are now some excellent resources available from recordings of training ‘webinars’ . Click on the links for these to play: Feeding your donkey – https://youtu.be/ei7ooGRLm_U Worming part 1 – https://youtu.be/NOlydxo6aLc Worming part 2 – https://youtu.be/cUdrMwMK0P4 Vaccinations – https://youtu.be/wyVhPmNaaRw The skin – https://youtu.be/OKZHcQLfsME  

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Donkey nutrition recorded presentation to view

Nutrition presentation: An online presentation from the Donkey Breed Society (UK Charity) in conjunction with TopSpec. Delivered by Anna Welch, Nutritionist Director at TopSpec. The content is aimed at UK donkey owners but a great deal of the content is useful for owners from other parts of the world.    

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New rules on moving donkeys and equines between NI or EU and UK

If you’re moving donkeys, mules or horses between the UK and Northern Ireland or the European Union you need to be aware of this guidance: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/export-horses-and-ponies-special-rules?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_source=c9e49615-8251-4ff9-8b09-8e6712dcbcc1&utm_content=weekly

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Exporting products of animal origin to the EU – new rules

Exporters wishing to send Products of Animal Origin (POAO), Animal by-products (ABP) or Germinal Products to the European Union (EU) must have their Exporting Business approved in order to do this. Approval is given by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Food Standards Scotland (FSS), or the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) depending upon the […]

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Donkey Magazine needs your input, news and photos.

The Donkey Magazine!! I’ve left you alone over the festive period but now I want your input. I need your news – yes I know it’s been a different year but there must be some news and views. I need your experiences. I need your opinions. I need your photos.  We have no cover photo […]

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